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Quality with professionalism

Pearl Translation provides “Pearl translation services” in a variety of languages like French Translation, German Translation, Spanish Translation, Dutch Translation, Arabic Translation, and these are just a few…

Apart from the languages mentioned above, translation services are provided in many more languages. We try our best to provide you the best value for money and we are eager to support all the upcoming languages which we haven’t faced to support so far. Apart from language translation services, we also handle document translation services in any format.

For larger translation projects, we use a team of translators for cross referencing. In this case, the lead translator initially produces a translation glossary, which is then used by the other translators to ensure maximum consistency of the end product.

Transcription at PT

Always on time

Our transcribers are professional linguists with BA or MA degree in languages. They have minimum of 5 years experience in transcription and are fully equipped to deal with any type of file. Our company uses the most up-to-date technology for transcription services.

We are always up-to-date with the industry trends through seminars (including web seminars) and training sessions and transcription technology courses.

Interpreting Services at Pearl Translation

PT: Interpreting the needs of our clients!

PT provides high quality interpreting services for a wide range of Private and Public Sector clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From large multilingual conferences to small one-to-one business meetings and interviews, there is no requirement we cannot meet.

Due to the demanding and vital nature of the work our clients undertake, Pearl are accustomed to providing interpreters at very short notice and often in remote geographical locations worldwide.

At Pearl, we understand the importance of providing a quality interpreting service and therefore all of our interpreters hold qualifications in interpreting and even further qualifications in their specific field such as Financial, Medical, Legal etc.

Full list of transcription services available is as follows:

    – Interviews conducted on tape
    – Interviews conducted on video
    – One to one interviews
    – Group interviews
    – Round table meetings
    – Documentaries
    – Movies/ TV Drama/ Songs
    – Conference transcription
    – Transcription of interpreting sessions
    – Transcription of telephone conversations
    – Transcription of confidential police recordings
    – Transcription of edited tapes, videos etc…

Please see below for a full list of interpreting services which are available to our clients:


Consecutive Interpreting: The interpreter will listen and take notes while one person speaks for up to 5 minutes. They will then render everything that has been said into the target language. This is mostly used in one-to-one business meetings where are only two languages are spoken.


Simultaneous Interpreting: This type of interpreting (also known as Conference Interpreting) is most suitable where there are several languages spoken at large multilingual conferences and interpreters work in teams of two in a booth while the delegates listen via headsets. The interpreters working in teams will interpret simultaneously everything that is being said so that there is no interruption to your event.

Whispered Interpreting: Also known as ‘chuchotage’ is used where there a small group of people at a meeting who do not speak the main language and the interpreter will therefore stand close to the group and interpret in a low voice. This is also frequently used in the courtroom.



Public Service / Community Interpreting: Interpreters are required to interpret in a wide variety of settings such as hospital appointments, police interviews under caution, mental health assessments etc. The interpreter must remain calm and impartial, often dealing with sensitive and distressing information.



Sign Language Interpreting: A deaf person will communicate with a Sign Language interpreter using hand movements and facial expressions. The interpreter will then render this information into the spoken language. Sign Language is used in different countries. However, like the spoken language there are different sign languages and even regional accents.

Telephone Interpreting: This service allows interpretation over the phone and is extremely useful for short consultations. Whether your customer is with you or you are on a conference call with both your customer and the interpreter, telephone interpreting allows for fast connection to an interpreter and is often more cost effective.